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Basics of Me
Me in 2016!!!!!!! 

Me at 5 days old below......

: 11-15-79 at 9:39 am EST

Sign: Scorpio(sun sign),Sagatarius(rising sign),Libra(moon sign)  Chinese sign is Earth goat 

City Of Birth: Hamilton,Ohio USA

Hospital of birth: Bethesda North hospital

Parents: Woodrow Wilson Johnson and Joan Frances Webster Johnson

*When I was born my mom was 39 and my dad was 59!
 They were best friends who were 21 years apart!

Race:  Afro-American of  biracial heritage(white,Native American,Asian,and West African). I also have Filipino family members!
On my birth certificate is listed race "unknown". My dad's was listed "colored".
AncestryDNA says I am 80 percent African origin and 18 percent White ,1 percent Asian,and 1 percent Native American! 
Check it out here:

Weight at birth: 7 pounds and 14 ounces

Current Weight: 404 at age 37

Height: 5'6

Age: 37 

Given name: Trinette Rani Johnson

Education:10th grade and trade school from Dayton Jobcorps Center(Hotel/Motel telephone operator)

Profession: blogger

Hobbies: poetry, games,listening to music,reading manga,vaping

Status: single

Sexuality: greysexual and straight

Networth: $8,820  a year or $735 a month for disability! I am poor but live richly.

Children: No real kids but I am a reborn mommy to six reborns!!!  I collect reborns,CPK, and mini ooak baby dolls! I take Zyprexa and other psyc drugs which can harm a fetus before birth!
I am pro-life and if I had a baby I'd adopt. 

Drive or non-driver: Non-driver

Religion: Christianity and combined faith

Personality: Quirky,shy,pensive,know-it-all,pushy,lazy,odd,insecure,pessimistic,dreamer,innocent,smart

Medical condition: Schizo-effective Disorder (Diagnoised by Dr. Gail Hellmann at GCBH in Cincy,Ohio

Government family ties: Kenneth Blackwell my mom's fourth cousin

Cousins: The Key family,Dew family,Roger's family,Coleman family,Johnson family and many more!

Step-sister: Lottie McCullough of Alabama/Cincy,Ohio

Previous home lived in for 22 years is below. Currently i live at Tender Mercies in room 214 at Haven! 

Fave foods: Eggrolls,KFC,Doritos,Tacos,Broccoli,Chicken(all kinds but raw),Funnyons,pizza,ravioli

Fave candy: Reese Cups,Twix,M&M's,Hershey bars,Hershey kisses,skittles,Laffy taffy,Hershey bars,Mentos

Fave drink: Tatian Treat,Clear Fruit,Pepsi, and Hawaiian Punch

Fave hobby: Listening to music,social networking, and vaping

Fave color: Baby blue,Mauve,Black,grey,white,purple,Red,light pink

Fave clothing: Nightgowns,flip flops, and Summer PJ's,sweat pants,tee shirts,skorts

Fave hair style: ponytail

Fave electronic device: My Chromecast,my i-station ipod dock,and my Moto E

Phone I use: Moto E 2nd gen

ype of computer I own: iCraig Android 5.1 laptop and Acer Aspire 5349

Operating system I use: Android 5.1 and Windows 10

Fave game system
: Wii and 2DS

Fave games: Crumble Zone,Music Ride,Tetris,Sims Mobile,Angry Birds Fight, Garfield Go

Guys I like: Guys with long hair,feminine looks,tall and slender but into ssbbws(FA and feeders)
I also like chubby guys who are around 200-300.

Guys I hate: Guys who act rough and tough all the time,thugs,drug dealers,abusive guys,jack asses,Ugly guys. Fat hairy guys!  Guys with alot of facial hair!
Smoke/Drink: Vape e-cigs. Drink? on a whelm

Other languages I speak/write:Romaji(Romantized Japanese) and Spanglish
Learning Spanish. I also speak a little Simlish(Sims games),and just a little bit of Klingon(Startrek).

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