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News and Updates
Welcome to my update blog! All site updates are here.

Amazon Fire
trinette on 08/08/2017 at 5:40am (UTC)
 i now have a fire tablet and irulu keyboard case,
its cheap but it vworks,

Trinette on 07/22/2017 at 8:40pm (UTC)
 So yes I now have a new tablet coming in the mail and I got a Fire TV.. It's so cool.. I still use my phone to post and edit tho.

New forum up!
Trinette on 06/22/2017 at 7:17pm (UTC)
 Since my site is a discovery into who I am,I thought I add a forum. Now people can come and post whatever they like here.

Learning Japanese!
Trinette on 06/06/2017 at 9:38pm (UTC)
 Thanks to Duolingo app,I am learning Japanese and Spanish!

New official name for my music
Trinette on 04/09/2017 at 11:29pm (UTC)
 I am now Atummi. Its a play on words for "a tummy". Cause I am a SSBBW. I hope I get more listeners.

Smartphones,Andromium, and Chromecast!
Trinette on 03/14/2017 at 5:22pm (UTC)
 I am using just my LG smartphone with Chromecast and I love it!
I ditched computers for larger smartphones and using Andromium works as a desktop interface. I hooked up a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and use it with my phone. It works great. I also use a gaming nunchuck with some games like Crumble Zone and Pacman. I love VR too. I havea VR Box headset for playing VR games!


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