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News and Updates
Welcome to my update blog! All site updates are here.

Trinette on 07/18/2008 at 8:36pm (UTC)
 Well,as you can see the site has changed a tad.
This is to make the site more professional as the site is highly nominated for awards.
I have also removed adult links and some of my private blogs and random friends.
This is for privacy.
Also,some of the people listed as friend before were not.
Now all my true friends are listed. updated!
New chatroom and Im service listed.

Lately I have been gaming a lot on my Gamecube thanks to Goozex.
You will find my Goozex banner up,as well as my new store that sells video games!
For me,this is a fun way to earn cash and get more games.

I have to hit the books again hard coming up.
I attend Penn Foster High School.
Just for my last senior year I never finished.
Lots of exams to do.
So I won't be able to come and edit this site as much this Winter.


New domain!
Trinette on 06/12/2008 at 5:15am (UTC)
 My iMac blog has a new domain!!
It is a blog that is all about my upgrade into iMacs starting with the G3.
Upgrades,news,links,and more.

Aw. R.I.P.Rascal!
Trinette on 05/25/2008 at 12:22am (UTC)
 Aw. I just read on Taj's blog at: Http:// that is little blind doggy and best friend Racal has died!
Those whom know Taj,know that Rascal was his best bud and a blind female dog that Dee Dee gave Taj before her murder for his 20th birthday.
Dee Dee was his mother and the wife of Tito Jackson of J5 fame.
Hang in there Tajjy. Racal is gone to the big bowl of Dog Chow in the sky and those neverending Kibbles and Bits!
She's smiling down and going "Woof. Tajjy!"

Painful May!
Trinette on 05/08/2008 at 10:27pm (UTC)
 I recently fell of the local bus and tore my tendon in my left leg.
I've been dealing with it since Saturday night.
It hurts to go down stairs and move it a bit.

Trinette on 04/09/2008 at 1:42am (UTC)
 Well those who remember my LJ may see it as deleted if you go here:
I tell you now it is not gone.
I changed the username.
Only those close to me or where knnow it has changed.
The change was to keep ignorant people from Millvale/Moosewood away.

My Wordpress blog now has my deepest feelings up on it live.

My new DA is up. Alot of my old art I grew at 17,as well as my poetry.

Cock Lovers Central link up. It's adults only and for mostly bisexual men and women who have a fetish.
I'd like to see more bisexual men into women jerking off but oh well.
I'm looking for an escort in one of those special guys.
Still my search is open.

My Facebook,HI5,Imeem,Yearbook,and Orkuit are ALL off limits.
I am glad that I can stay hidden and still be very popular with the gays,les,bi's,nerds,freaks, and geeks!

Easter 08
Trinette on 03/31/2008 at 11:42pm (UTC)
 My Easter was okay.
I ate with my mom. She always sets the table which is nice. Had more Sangria,baked chicken,ect. Nice.
I was kinda emo tho.
My fucktarded community is in my buiness and I hate it!
They'll believe anything.
That I love Japanese people and that I am fucking all kinds of guys.
That I'm a fat whore. Just retarded.
Will and John are their names.
Diann and her boyfriend get in it.
They'll never know the real me.
I'm just a fat girl who happens to be a computer geek,artist,Emo,and loner.
I have only 10th grade education,but an IQ of 123!
I have no real friends. Hardly any family that cares. No real home. No real job. No real daily life. A wild child!
So fuck Millvale/Moossewood. I wish I never knew you and your niggas and Chicanos and Whiggers.
I made a blog just for em too.
It'll be good when I leave,find a good job,and get on with my boring life.

Been bored lately and so confused.
Like in some fog.
Been bloated too and so sleepy.
Maybe that's depression?

I've lost a few online friends.
Sakitchi doesn't really want to be my friend.
Or is it Soubi? I don't know.
Soubi is not Sakitchi.
I doubt he'd marry some vampire or gods and have their "kittens" and all that.
Sakitchi has changed Soubi around to please her/his circle of friends and role players.
The real Soubi is more like how my friend JJ plays him.
Loyal to Ritsuka to the end!
They got engaged even and Soubi took his ears.
Soubi is loyal to his friends too.
I have tried to be Sakitchi's friend and him and his sister have my number,but it's over.

Me and Olga(Skin-chan) and her fiance Chris(Ayame) are also over.
Chris got to close to me without telling Olga he was doing those things.
I know he had affections but why keep it from her?
These actions to me are just like cheating.
Online cheating.
She got upset because I had it on my LJ Blog and she saw along with Tadashi,who told Embers and Silvia.
But now those batch of people don't like me because I said that and on my community too.
But whatever. Ayame had no right,and they have no right getting in my personal buiness anyways.
I don't care if they like me or not.
They are just online friends I barely know.
So I could care less.

Oh yes,we are looking after four stray kittens our neighbors cat had back in late March or so.
Ones grey,ones,grey and white,one black and white,and one black.
Only one is female.
They are cute,but we plan to give them to ASCPA.

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