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Welcome to my update blog! All site updates are here.

Drummer? Well sorts.
Trinette on 03/28/2015 at 1:40pm (UTC)
 Yea i play the drum kit and apps for drums.
Been using those.
Check it out.

Puppy linux!
trinette on 03/25/2015 at 3:46am (UTC)
 Been using puppy and chrome os instead of windows on my laptop.
Also,been using Android on my phone and tablet.

Thanks Giving 2008 update!
Trinette on 11/28/2008 at 2:46pm (UTC)
 I hope everyone enjoyed theirs.
Mine was nice with my mother.
I had turkey and stuffing and all.
Also pre-Thanks Giving got to chat on with my members!

If you are wondering who is singing on the track on this site,it is Kaya of Schwarz Stein.
I am a supporter of J-Rock and Japanese Visual Kei.
To show love to Kaya,this is my gift.
To learn more about Kaya visit his site at:

On a sad note,I had to remove my friends area to this site as well as any inciminating data on myself.
This is due to neighbors in my area who think they are smart stalking and stealing random data to report me to HUD.
Yet the info they have is either fake or old.
But to keep it safe,I have added only truthful hand-written facts!


Trinette on 07/18/2008 at 8:36pm (UTC)
 Well,as you can see the site has changed a tad.
This is to make the site more professional as the site is highly nominated for awards.
I have also removed adult links and some of my private blogs and random friends.
This is for privacy.
Also,some of the people listed as friend before were not.
Now all my true friends are listed. updated!
New chatroom and Im service listed.

Lately I have been gaming a lot on my Gamecube thanks to Goozex.
You will find my Goozex banner up,as well as my new store that sells video games!
For me,this is a fun way to earn cash and get more games.

I have to hit the books again hard coming up.
I attend Penn Foster High School.
Just for my last senior year I never finished.
Lots of exams to do.
So I won't be able to come and edit this site as much this Winter.


New domain!
Trinette on 06/12/2008 at 5:15am (UTC)
 My iMac blog has a new domain!!
It is a blog that is all about my upgrade into iMacs starting with the G3.
Upgrades,news,links,and more.

Aw. R.I.P.Rascal!
Trinette on 05/25/2008 at 12:22am (UTC)
 Aw. I just read on Taj's blog at: Http:// that is little blind doggy and best friend Racal has died!
Those whom know Taj,know that Rascal was his best bud and a blind female dog that Dee Dee gave Taj before her murder for his 20th birthday.
Dee Dee was his mother and the wife of Tito Jackson of J5 fame.
Hang in there Tajjy. Racal is gone to the big bowl of Dog Chow in the sky and those neverending Kibbles and Bits!
She's smiling down and going "Woof. Tajjy!"

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