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News and Updates
Welcome to my update blog! All site updates are here.

Trinette on 11/17/2007 at 2:20am (UTC)
 I really enjoyed it!
My mom made me a cake,but it kinda came out wrong and fell apart!
But what was left was good to eat.
And I had pudding.
I got alot of little gifts.
CD's,an iPod Shuffle,watch,necklace,artwork,and just love and respect.
Enough for me.
Oh and I am now engaged! Ok not for real,but in my role play.
Still I am fairly happy.

Sept 07 update
Trinette on 09/14/2007 at 10:12pm (UTC)
 Working on the site.
Hope you all adore it.

Added two tracks from my fave artist,Imgen Heap.

Exams,exams! Still going to distant learning via the net.
I got a B+ on my Math exam. Yay!

Happy 23rd to my BFF Soubi!

Neighbors in Millvale still being assholes,but the joke is on them!

Getting ready for cousin Tina's weding!

Finished two new poems!
Go to for more! updated!


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